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Training Time: 25 - 40 Hours
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API 1169 the Recommended Practice for Basic Inspection Requirements. New Pipeline Construction was created to fill the need as seen by pipeline companies, industry organizations and governmental agencies.

For qualified personnel to provide quality assurance and some safety and environmental oversight to the construction of new pipelines. While the RP is in initial publication and uses the term “inspector should” throughout the document, revisions will certainly be forthcoming in the future.

The inspector candidate must thoroughly read and understand the API RP 1169 in conjunction with this course and click on the Scope section below to get started. As you advance through the course, you have the choice to either read or listen to the content by just clicking the play button on each one of the sections. Also, make sure you take each one of the quizzes provided.


1. Scope
2. Normative References
3. Terms, Definitions, and Abbreviations
Quiz 1-2-3
4. Pipeline Construction Inspector Responsibilities



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